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We are Pallavi and Gourav and we both share our passion in travel and photography. Through Pixsicle we are sharing flavors of our travel journey. We hope you will love it.

Before we met

Gourav moved to Bangalore in 2007 and he started exploring places with his two partners handycam and digicam 😛 that’s when his craving for travel started .

Photography is his passion and it’s in him, he has a keen eye for detail as it’s been only 2 years since he bought his DSLR and started learning from online tutorials and from beginning itself he clicks amazing pictures. (check out our pictures sections)

I grew up as a fauji kid (my father served in Indian Air force for 20 years) and we surfed lots of places, grew up in vivid culture, so traveling is in me from childhood. I studied fine arts and well that explains my love in art and architecture.

Jab we met

We met in 2015 and our interest in traveling was very evident from our first meeting, we felt like long lost friends and decided to go on our first trip together to Munnar. We started planning more trips for weekends and long weekends and from there we never looked back.

How we travel

We are budget travelers and spend a lot of time in curating our trips, stays, places to visit, places to click pictures, where to eat, local culture and local finds.

we believe in experience and not in touch points like we may prefer staying at one place for longer time, explore that place and culture, mingling with local people than covering tons of places in rush. 

When we are not traveling

we are definitely planning our next destination 😛 apart from that we love being at home, watching movies or series, trying new recipes, doing some art or playing video games. 

Let's be social

You can write us to: pixsiclephotography@gmail.com